Alu is a pro-liberty super-activist, author, & speaker

About Alu Axelman

Elliot “Alu” Axelman is a paramedic, author, speaker, liberty activist, and poly-athlete. He has been volunteering and working in EMS since 2011. In 2014, he graduated #1 in his paramedic class at St. John’s University. Currently, Alu is a critical care and flight certified paramedic, FTO, and teaches EMTs and paramedics at local institutions from time to time.

Alu has published 8 books to date: The Blueprint For LibertyCorona-FascismThe Progressive SolutionArticles of Secession, Presumed Guilty, Taxation Is Theft, They Fear Unity, and How Amazing Is The US Constitution?. Alu’s books are available online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other retailers. Alu regularly attends liberty events in NH, often as a featured speaker. Alu’s readers have purchased over 1,000 books since he published The Blueprint For Liberty in 2021. His dream is to grow his passive income to a sustainable level, retire from EMS, and spend all of his time with family and liberty activism.

Alu is a mixed martial artist, boxer, power lifter, former football player, NASM-certified personal trainer, and enjoys playing and teaching nearly every form of exercise and sport imaginable. Alu entered the 1,000-pound club in 2020 at a body weight of 138 pounds. In his one boxing match, Alu scored a TKO victory in the second round. He is not currently seeking another fight. In the past, he also trained in parkour and martial arts tricking and taught himself gymnastics.

Alu currently serves as the President of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to informing NH citizens about the benefits of independence from the DC empire. Alu is a frequent speaker at liberty events, GOP meetings, and other political conferences. Alu identifies as a voluntaryist and the biggest secessionist in the world.

Alu is the founder, owner, and editor-in-chief of, one of the largest pro-freedom publications in the united states. Its weekly podcast has consistently produced a show for nearly two years and counting, and its articles and other content have reached millions of readers. Alu still writes multiple articles for The Liberty Block each month.

As an aspiring polyglot, Alu practices his languages by translating his articles and books into Spanish and reaching out to Latino members of the community who could benefit from learning about personal liberty and government accountability. His goal is to translate all of his work into Spanish, and possibly other languages. He is currently studying Hebrew and German. Alu is available to teach beginner Spanish.

For fun, Alu enjoys spending time with his wife, his son, his brothers, exercising, learning, reading, teaching, traveling, listening to nearly every type of music, meeting new people, and is currently teaching himself saxophone and piano. Alu is also able to teach piano on a basic level.