The books can be ordered via Amazon in Kindle or paperback format. Those wishing to avoid Amazon and pay Alu directly with gold, silver, or crypto can email him at to order a book. It should arrive within a few days of payment.

In February of 2021, Alu published his first book, ‘The Blueprint For Liberty‘.

For years, Alu has been explaining to conservatives, libertarians, and voluntaryists that there is no hope for freedom in the united states. Nearly every state is moving towards tyranny and away from personal liberty, and the federal government – which controls nearly every facet of all of our lives – is moving rapidly towards authoritarian communism and away from liberty. If you want to preserve or expand freedom and if you are concerned about the increasing tyranny, The Blueprint For Liberty will explain why secession from the union is your only option.

In September of 2021, Alu published ‘The Plague That Must Not Be Questioned‘. After seeing unprecedented levels of corruption, exaggeration, and tyranny, Alu felt compelled to write about the mind-numbing scandal. Alu uses his 11 years of experience in emergency medicine and 5 years of experience in political analysis to explain the story of corona-fascism from start to finish.

Working with Marcus Ruiz Evans and others from the Calexit Congress, Alu published ‘The Progressive Solution‘ in April of 2021 to explain to progressives why they should support state independence from the union. If you are wondering why authoritarian socialists would support secession, this book is for you! If you have a progressive friend who hates conservatives or libertarians – yet tries to control or persuade them instead of simply separating from them, you should buy this book for that friend!

During the first House hearing on secession legislation since 1860, the State Representatives continually complained that secessionists have great points about federal tyranny but have no ‘plan’ for surviving without DC. If New Hampshire left the union, who would build the roads, hospitals, and the economy? Who would protect us from invasion? Who would care for the elderly? Alu wrote ‘Articles of Secession‘ immediately after the hearing in February of 2022 to answer those common questions!

Alu published ‘Presumed Guilty‘ in May of 2022. After a few years of analyzing and writing about politics, Alu discovered that the civics lessons we all learned as children are very far from the reality of our world. Though we all learned that Americans are ‘presumed innocent until proven guilty’ and convicted by a jury in a court, that is not how it works. When cops approach you, they determine that you are guilty, and they punish you before you could blink, let alone talk about the natural right to due process or the Constitution. From traffic law to self-defense, it seems like we are often punished before being convicted in court. Is there one common root cause for all of the violations of due process? What could we do to restore justice? Or is it a lost cause?

Alu published Taxation Is Theft in October of 2022. In this unapologetically controversial book, he explains the many forms of taxation, the mechanisms behind them, and what politicians spend the money on. Taxation is not moral, because it is pure theft. It is not practical, because it discourages production. And it is not even necessary. Governments – and more importantly – essential services can be funded without theft, extortion, or coercion of any type.

It is no secret that politicians and their allies are hellbent on keeping us divided. When we fight each other, we forget that politicians are the true enemies of liberty and individuals. This book explains the many ways the elites attempt to turn us against each other. Some of their attempts fail, and some are very successful. What if we could use their strategy against them?

We all learned as children that the founders of our great country threw off the British tyrants in 1776. The revolutionaries then wrote our wonderful Constitution in order to ensure that our liberties would remain free from an oppressive government forever. But how would you feel if the Constitution was designed to give the government massive powers and what if it neglected to protect individual liberties?